HRMC Guide

HIPPOPOTTY RECORDS MUSIC CLUB GUIDE Hippopotty records was started in January of 2004 after reading an article in Wired magazine that mentioned trading mix cd's in the work place and how it was becoming a popular and spontaneously fun way to acquire new music. Being somewhat musically deprived myself even though my coveted music library contains over 26,000 songs, I thought why not start my own music trading community. Yes, I admit I started HRMC and love it, but I truly want this community to be as egalitarian a society as possible. All decisions, ideas, solutions, etc are hopefully to be made by consensus. Where no consensus exist, I will do the dirty work. Each month one person from a group of 13 members makes a personal mix CD and distributes to the other members on the list. We all listen and get what we want from the disk. Membership: There are 13 members of HRMC. It just works out that way. There were twelve, but thirteen is better. This way each year you get a different month to look forward to.
New members are asked to read over the guidelines and stuff to see if it all makes sense. We hope to keep it pretty simple, but if there are any questions please ask away. 
The only requirement is that you make a disk, and even that proves to be quite negotiable. If and when the time comes that you want to move on with your life and away from “us”, all we ask is that you find an appropriate replacement, thereby keeping the growth tangential and outward. Frequency: Disks are issued once a month. Refer to the calendar to see when you month is due. You can access the calendar on our website or here where you can subscribe to it in iCal. Of course the dates are all flexible and negotiable and interchangeable. Jut let me (Hank) know if you decide to make a change so that I can make proper adjustments to the calendar and keep things up to date. Also be aware that when we get new members, I have to re-jigger the calendar in order to make sure the newcomers are not immediately asked to perform. Deadline: Deadline each month will be delivery on the 10th. In other words, if it is your turn to make and issue the disk, please try and have it in the mail so that it reaches our widespread membership by the tenth of the month. Don't freak out if you cannot make it. Format:
CD AIFF, or equivalent. In other words the so called "Red Book" standard audio CD which is something that plays on most if not all home CD players. No MP3's WMA's, or the wonderfully fun to mention Ogg Vorbis compressions are allowed. Length: 0-80 mins for now, that is what fits on a standard recordable CDR, you can have as many tracks as you want (or as few), but you can only stick 80 minutes of airtime on a cd. Some folks have tossed out double albums and so far no one has complained about that.
Music, voice if you want, anything goes. A few members have even started sending out their mixes as a podcast. As the world develops, sp shall hippopotty, though at a much slower pace. Extras: Absolutely nothing other than the CD and hopefully a track list are mandatory. Actually a track list is not mandatory at all, but it sure helps the listener enjoy your mix. Heck, a CD is not even mandatory if you cannot handle it. If you want to do artwork, liner notes, special edition hand made cardboard jewel cases and the like, it is all good. It is also really helpful if you can submit your track names to the CDDB database. This way we can all "See" the same track names as you do on your computer, For iTunes the procedure is the follows. After completing the burned disk, it should be mounted on your desktop and you should see it on the left hand side of the iTunes window. Select the disk, go to the “advanced Menu” and select “submit CD Track Names”. You will be prompted to add a disk name and some other info, do so and click “Submit”, you are all done. The trick is that you have to submit the track info while the music library that created that particular disk is available; otherwise you just get Track 01, Track 02, Track 03… Labeling: A special note regarding labels. There has been more confusion here then anywhere else. Due to the difficulty certain CD players have with ANY TYPE OF APPLIED LABEL, it is requested that all labels be sent as an add-on, do not adhere them to the disks, let the user decide if they want the label or not.. This is not the case with printable CD's, ones that are printed directly on the disk using the Epson series printers R220, R340 R800 R1800 RX700 or the HP lightScribe technology. Contact: If we can all agree, it might be best to have all comments posted to the Hippopotty Exchange Forum instead of via email whenever possible. Many people just don't like getting more email these days and there is also the issue of someone being left off an email list